Stevia Castello 300g Jar

Stevia Castello 300g Jar

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- Stevia Castello Zero calorie sweetener, with sweetener from Stevia plant.

- 100% Natural, Nothing artificial, tastes like Sugar. 

- Heat stable  , Ideal for baking and cooking 

- No bitter after taste

- Zero glycemic index ( doesn’t raise blood sugar level)

- Suitable for diabetic patients

- Made in Spain


- Each Jar contains 300g.

- One teaspoonful of Stevia Castello Jar is equivalent in sweetness to two teaspoonsful of table sugar


Erythritol: Natural carrier ( Zero glycemic index).

Steviol glycosides: Stevia leaf extract.

Nutritional information per (1g):

- Energy: 0kj/ 0kcal, Carbohydrate 0.99g of which polyalcohols(Erythritol) 0.99g, Protien 0g, Salt 0g, Dietary fibre 0g. 


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